best home automationChennai is my favourite place for many reasons. Chennai is one of the most important cities in our country, which is known for its University in Diversity. There are plenty of industries and companies located in Chennai and people from different parts of India reside in this city for work, entertainment, tourism and other purposes. Chennai has one of the longest beaches in the world – Marina. As Chennai is located along the coast of Bay Bengal, this city is known for its beautiful beach side homes.

There are many things to tell about Chennai. Even people, who are native to Chennai, are not fully aware of its specialties. Vandalur zoo in this city was the first zoo in India and it is one of the biggest in South Asia. Cancer Institute located in Adyar is one of the oldest research centres in the country of India. This city has most number of theatres in India, next to Mumbai city. This city is also referred as India’s automobile hub as it has plenty of automobile manufacturing plants.

guest house automationI am proud to say that I am the owner of a farm guest house, located in East Coast Road (ECR) in Chennai. This guest house is my favourite place to stay during holidays and other leisure time. You can find many guests houses and farm houses along ECR in Chennai. My farm house is very spacious and has many rooms. It has a big swimming pool and gym and other modern amenities. Since the farm house is big, it is equipped with plenty of lights and electrical equipment.

Managing the use of electrical and electronic devices of my farm house was quite difficult. It is because I have to get up and walk every time to switch on /off the lights, music system and other electronic appliances. Sometimes I even forget to switch off the lights due to my laziness, which resulted in increased electricity bills. As I was thinking to find a solution to this problem, I came to know about home automation through one of my friends. So I set out on my venture to reduce my electricity bills and save money.

Then I came across Delfin, who is one of the popular providers of home automation in Chennai. People from Delfin arrived to my farm house and provided ideas for home automation. Now my farm house is equipped with amazing lighting and security automation, all of which provides great peace of mind as a property owner. Lighting automation simply saves the time and cuts down on unwanted electric consumption.

Security automationAs states Security automation helps me to alleviate fears about thefts and burglaries inside my property. Now I am able to enjoy my farm house more peacefully as I do not need to focus on other trivial things. If you want to get more ideas about home automation, you have to search more on the Internet. Nowadays, most home owners are embracing home automation due to its significant benefits. In my opinion, you can surely use Delfin for your home automation. I am very much happy with their home automation installation and other services.

You can have a look at their website to gather more information. You may also contact them via online or phone.

Guest Post

It is the aim of every company to be projected in all spheres and dimensions, and one way to do this is to properly keep track of the blogs on your site. Guest post guidelines are designed to serve as a check to poorly written or irrelevant blogs, such that your blogs will always be at the standard you expect.

It is a positive thing to make your website receptive to the views of your guest, as it is a means of building a very good rapport with your guests. It also gives you the opportunity to tap into the ideas of your guests by getting suggestions from them that can help the progress of your company. But that notwithstanding, this progress has to be done with great care and diligence.

In the hypothetical case, it would be expected that all the submissions on your blogs would be made by experienced people who are familiar with your blogs, but in reality this is far from the truth. You would have to spend endless time reading through a series of irrelevant posts before you will come across the relevant ones that are fit for publishing.

But with a well-created guest post guideline, you would not have to go through these hectic moments, as it will provide a systematic guideline on all the things your guests have to be accustomed to before posting their contents on your website.

First of all, you need to have an opening message on your site that clearly spells out the fact that you readily accept the posts of your guests, but the contents should be limited to only a specialty. It gives your guests the chance to know who you are as well as what is entailed in your contents, so they will be aware of the nature of contents you require.
You are very likely to be under the impression that anyone visiting your site knows your contents, but you will be marvelled to know the nature of posts you will receive if you don’t have a clear-cut opening message that spells out your specialty.

It also gives a description of your target group as well as the specific audience you wish to serve. This will not only prevent irrelevant messages, but will also ensure you get the right writers. Another significance of the opening note is that is explains the aims, objectives, vision and mission of your company to the outside world.

Furthermore, make it a point to make a clear statement as to the calibre of people that can write on your blogs so that the posts you receive will be right on point. For instance, if you only accept posts from doctors, lawyers, lecturers, etc make it known so that your posts will be well-guided.

Also, if you provide remuneration for the contents of your guests, that should also be stated. Even though this might attract irrelevant posts from unqualified personnel, it will also serve as an incentive for serious-minded writers who have the potential of giving your contents a facelift.

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Anime Fighting Games

The popularity that the anime industry has garnered over the years has made anime fighting games one of the most patronised online games. Not too long ago, it was a genre that had been relegated to the background, and was conventionally known to be the preserve of kids. But currently, more adults have gained so much interest in them, even more than the kids, basically because of the massive excitement associated with it.
Anime fighting games are basically fighting games that have anime graphics which are based on Japanese mythology and history. These games are being patronised by millions of people across the world.

It can be categorised into casual games, arcade games, role-playing games and strategy games, and each category comes with its own particular excitement. Below are some of the anime games that will keep you glued to your screen and move you to the wonderland.

The first game you will be very eager to play is the Anime Arena. It is one of the best role playing games where there is a combination of both action and fighting. The graphics are breath-taking whereas the setting clearly depicts an anime environment, and it makes the game so real. There are also several anime characters you can select or combat with, and the choice is yours.

Anime Arena contains different remarkable fighting skills you can learn and develop, and this makes the game ferocious and far more appealing. The action displayed in this game is very fast and lively. This is a game full of fun and excitement, and you will surely feel reluctant to stop playing while you are engrossed in it, as it can be very addictive.

Another game that it making the airwaves for all the good news is the King of Fighters game. It is diversified as it consists of as many as six game modes that will keep you engaged for long hours, and ensure you are not left out of the excitement anime fighting games bring on board.

You can decide to play alone in the single mode game designed for one-on-one fights, you can also decide to be engaged in the classic three-on-three game play by selecting the team battle mode, or play the endless mode to conquer as many rivals as possible. These different game modes ensure that you are at liberty to choose any kind you like, and as such it becomes very difficult to get bored with this game. So if you are searching for an anime fighting game that is of high standard, then try the King of the Fighters.

For enthusiast of ninja games, the Ninja Legend: Dragon Titans is recommended for you. This games allows you to mimic the way of a ninja as well as fight fierce battles. It will demand all your tactical skills as it is a combination of role playing, card collecting and strategy.

As you fight for victory, your cards are being collected and evolved. You also have to combine the symbols located on the coin-up machine to vehemently fight and cause intense damage to your enemies.

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Tirunelveli has faced some of the heaviest floods over the years. These floods has caused the district huge losses. The land, which is networked by a lot of water bodies, needs proper drainage systems and controls to manage water flow. The major river in the district which usually overflows its banks during heavy rains is the Thamirabarani River. It originates from the hills of the Western Ghats where its most extensive catchment area also lies and discharges into the sea at the Gulf of Mannar. The river is perennial, enjoying the full benefit of the Northeast and Southwest Monsoons. It is heavily recharged by rains from these winds. The floods usually occur when the Northeast Monsoon blows. The river together with its tributaries drains a total area of about 4400 km2.

The Thamirabarani River, though beneficial for power generation and irrigation, has caused a lot of havoc and destruction through floods over the years. One major flood that hit Tirunelveli in 1992 claimed hundreds of lives and destroyed a lot of property. Heavy rains caused some of the dams built across the river to rise above their safe levels, hence had to be released suddenly. Channels created for the river could not hold the overflow.

In July 2005, torrential rains in the Western Ghats caused heavy floods in Alanthuraiyar and Panagudi destroying about 100 houses. Officials attributed the flood to the opening of the shutters of some irrigation tanks. Heavy rains in the village of Kanyakumari also caused serious havoc. All waterfalls at Courtallam and the Kuththarapaanjan falls also overflowed that month.

In November 2006, another flood hit Tirunelveli destroying over 500 acres of paddy field. Heavy rains caused a breach of 6 irrigation tanks in Melaneelithanallur and Kayathar Unions causing this destruction. The villages of North Chezhiyanallur and Keezha Pillaiyarkulam were also badly hit. The village of Vaasagasaalai was totally cut off from mainland.

In November last year (2014), torrential rains in the Western Ghats caused some of the waterfalls to flood catchment communities. The waterfalls that caused the flooding included Manimuthaaru and Paana Theertham falls. The Agasthiar falls also flowed with fury but did not cause any havoc as people were advised not to go near the area. A breach of the Pambankulam tank near Nanguneri occurred, flooding the village of Krishnaputhur. Rainfall recorded in the area during this period was about 165 mm. Other places recorded as high as 190 mm.

Can these floods be stopped, or their effects minimized? Yes. The natural causes of the floods will always be there, but there are proactive ways through which it can be prevented or its force reduced. The first is to ensure proper management and maintenance of flow channels. Also, all encroachments on the channels must be cleared for free flow. Dams, tanks and reservoirs must be assessed before the monsoons, and weak walls/barriers maintained and fortified.

When floods occur, low-lying areas are mostly affected. People living in such areas must be sensitized and advised to move out to higher grounds when rainy seasons approach, to prevent loss of lives and property.


Birdman, the best movie of 2014, scooped up 4 Oscars in this year’s Academy Awards. The well rated movie won the Best Picture Award, Best Cinematography and Original Screenplay. Alejandro González Iñárritu, the director, co-producer and screenplay co-writer also won the Best Director award for the movie. The movie had 9 unprecedented nominations. Alejandro’s input for the success of the movie was immense.

IMDb rated the movie 7.9 out of 10, Rotten Tomatoes 93%, Roger Erbert 4 out of 4 and Metacritic 88%. The movie also won other awards including the Outstanding Cast in a Motion Picture at the 21st Screen Actors Guild Awards. It also won the Best Screenplay, and Michael Keaton won the Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy Award for his role as leading actor of the movie at the 72nd Golden Globe Awards.

It took 2 years for the writers to complete the script and the movie was meticulously and painstakingly shot. The camera work depicts most of the film as one continuous take. Alejandro’s idea for doing this was to immerse the protagonist in an unavoidable reality, while at the same time pulling viewers along with him. Experts who heard of this clearly said the idea was suicidal. It was a step with two feet in unknown waters. However, Alejandro was able to execute it successfully. The movie is 119 minutes long and in English.

The sound quality, musical backing and visual effects are good. The plot is excellent and reflects on the realities of life. It is about a drowned Hollywood actor, Riggan Thomson (Keaton), who wants to pick himself up by writing, directing and starring in a new movie by Broadway. Riggan is picked for the leading role. He has a difficult start especially in the previews. Along the line he chanced upon his daughter, Samantha (Emma Stone), a recovering addict, using marijuana. He criticises her but she revolts with some harsh remarks.

The situation becomes worse when Riggan also finds out that his daughter is flirting with Mike Shiner (Edward Norton), the brilliant but volatile method actor he brought in to replace Ralph (Jeremy Shamos). Videos of Riggan in his underwear walking through Times Square go viral and it tears him apart. He had accidentally locked himself out of the theatre and the only way he could get inside was to walk out there.

The influential critic, Tabitha Dickinson (Lindsay Duncan), also tells Riggan she will give a bad review of his play once it comes out. He cannot contain it and drinks himself to stupor, passing out on the street.

On the opening night of the movie, in a role in which Riggan’s character is supposed to commit suicide, he shoots himself on stage in the head with a real pistol instead of a fake one. He is rushed to the hospital as the audience give him a standing ovation. It is later revealed that he just messed up his suicide by blowing off his nose. Even his worst critic Dickinson is impressed by his performance.

Birdman really deserves all the awards it won for the year. It is a good movie that teaches true lessons.