contemporary-drop-ceiling-decorating-ideasErgonomic studies, the study of how man relates to his work environment and how he is influenced by it is an in-depth study taking into consideration several factors including psychology, physiology, engineering, biometrics and much more. Ergonomics suggest fitting the job on the employee, which is by arranging and designing their workspace as best applicable to the job, in a manner that suits the capabilities and takes into consideration the limitations of the employee. This can be best achieved by well conceptualized interior designing.

Interior designing is now a major aspect of architecture. It deals with the best utilization of available interior space imparting aesthetic appeal and functionality as a priority. It takes into consideration the demands of the job and the well-being of the employees. Interior designing seeks to improve functionality along with aesthetic appeal. The interior design of the company must be a statement of its brand. Since interior designing is a major investment on the part of the company, it cannot be a hit and trial sort of experiment. Offices in Qatar must consult the best interior decoration companies in Qatar. You can check for ideas at

The very best interior designers will visit and inspect the site, conceptualize, discuss with the owners as to their preferences. Following this, the companies will provide 3D imagery of their plan for the office and improve upon it. Then they will provide the client with a cost estimate.

External appearance, entrance, walls, furniture and colours are all thoughtfully taken into account. Ceilings too have been receiving considerable attention as it is a space as wide as the room itself and is the least obstructed view. Ceilings nowadays exude such varied style that they are more than often magnificent works that combine colour, light, pattern and texture, contributing significantly to the style of the room. All this cannot be achieved single-handedly especially for commercial spaces, and will need professional assistance. Ceilings are of various types from the most commonly known popcorn ceilings, beam ceiling, dropped ceiling, hollow core slab ceiling, coffered ceiling, stretched ceiling .

The age of popcorn ceilings is long gone, beam ceilings are heavy and difficult to install. Stretch ceilings are lighter and made of PVC. Gypsum board/tile ceilings are more versatile than most others in material, design and installation. Gypsum being a natural soft mineral composed of calcium sulphate dihydrate is non-toxic and safe. It is available in abundance. It is easily mouldable into any desired pattern and structure. Its properties can be enhanced by combining with other chemical treatments too. Gypsum wallboard also known as sheetrock or drywall is gypsum layered between two sheets of thick paper. Gypsum wallboard ceilings are also called suspension/suspended ceilings as they are suspended from existing ceilings with the help of wires. Gypsum ceiling tiles are smaller in size than gypsum wallboards. These are installed onto a lattice framework.

Benefits of gypsum false ceilings:
As already mentioned, gypsum is non-toxic, safe and available in abundance in nature. It can also be synthesized by flue gas desulfurization (FGD), from the ashes emitted by fossil fuel run power plants. This is an environmental benefit as it prevents the pollution of air by the same ash. Let us see the benefits of gypsum board ceiling designs. You can also read through

Gypsum false ceilings are fire proof.
If laminated by PVC or other chemical treatment, they can also be water-proof.
They are sound proof to a certain extent.
They can be easily moulded into any desirable patterns and structures.
Their veneer can be designed so as to look like wood to look like beams or any other desirable designs.
The false ceiling joints are easy to conceal and blend in with little effort.
They are lightweight and easy to install.
They act as insulation as the air space between the actual ceiling and the false ceiling traps air which acts as an insulator. Air is a bad conductor of heat and will not allow heat from outside to affect the inside temperature and on cold days it will not allow heat from inside to escape outside. It will help maintain the room temperature with the right air conditioners.
False ceilings can conceal wirings and ventilations effectively so they look clean and give you a clutter free look.

Enhancing gypsum false ceilings:
Ambient colour Lighting: It plays a crucial part in the whole interior design of a space. Placed rightly it can never go wrong. Coffered ceilings and uplit concealed lights in coves, the downlights from false ceilings have a softer glow; all these rightly placed will impart immense aesthetic beauty and functionality. LED lights can be employed and they last longer.
Design: the false ceiling can be designed according to the shape of the room. They may just follow the regular rectangular pattern of the room or like modern designs may be curvy, layered or as imaginable as possible.
Look: The gypsum false ceiling can be layered with wallpaper, or veneer surfaces to look like wood or any other patterns. The tiles themselves may be patterned.
Medallions: These too enhance the look of the false ceiling when located centrally or around a ceiling fan or so.

Ceilings in offices just like homes must be planned and executed according to the functionality of the space. They can be a game changer. Even small budgets can afford for gypsum ceilings that can totally uplift the look and improve upon the ergonomics of the company and result in manifold productivity.

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