There was once a story of a little piece of skin called Natural. Natural was a happy piece of skin as she was always nourished well with lots of essential vitamins and ingredients. Natural was also always moisturized as she had a constant supply of water to keep her hydrated. One day however, Natural came dry, flaky and peeled away. This was because she was neglected of the essential ingredients that kept her healthy. Even though she was given lots of skin cream lotions and other ingredients, none of it seemed to work just as well as the vitamins that she had fed upon earlier. The moral of this story is that your skin, like any other organ of your body, is living, and requires nutrients from vitamins and appropriate supplements in order to live.

Just as how we eat fresh vegetables and fruit in order to ensure that our body is healthy, so too our skin requires the right nutrients in order to stay healthy.The funny thing is however, is that some people and skin care companies will be all too ready to reveal to you the so called best natural skin care tips. At the end of the day however, these natural skin care tips don’t work unless they’re coupled with good health and exercise. The reason being is because chemical lotions that you put on your face won’t do much alone in ensuring that your skin remains soft and moisturized. Sure, there may have a short term benefit of splashing lots of water and cream on your face, but if you want your skin to remain vitalized and healthy in the long run, then it requires a little more effort from your part.

One of the natural skin care tips that I’m going to reveal to you today is one that you’ll dread. It’s called exercise.It doesn’t cost anything, it doesn’t run out, it doesn’t require that you go to the dermatologist in order to acquire a prescription to use it, it’s a free resource, yet so few people make use of it. Did you know that obesity is such a problem in the U.S. that many household families are ensuring that the country enters into a health care crisis? Obesity leads to skin stretching which can often never be returned to the way it was before.

If you don’t exercise now, and you want to maintain healthy and beautiful skin, then it may just be that you end up with stretch marks that can never be fully healed. So to circumvent all this, remember to exercise, and exercise regularly, it’s an important thing. By: John Hubert About the Author: John Hubert is a researcher of Skin Care Tips and has recently written the specialized article covering Natural Skin Care Tips. Caffeinated Content

Getting the best deal when shopping for a home is important, but is it the most important thing in the sale. Many buyers when looking for a home forget to stress this to their realtors. Instead they focus on floor plans and locations and forget entirely to mention that they would like to find the best deal possible. Looking for a home that focuses on location or floor plan is quite different from looking for the best deal out there. There may be options for homes that you have not even heard of due to not focusing on the right thing. Get out there and ask your realtor to find you the best possible deal in that market and see what they come up with.

Getting the best deal when it comes to a home will have a lot of effect on your financial status. Remember that the higher the price of the home, the higher your monthly bills are likely to be. The more that you have to borrow the more you will have to pay monthly and as the mortgage should be the basis for your monthly outlay of money it’s going to figure heavily into things.Careful planning during this stage is essential and should be discussed at great length with your realtor to ensure that you are both on the same page. This will allow your realtor to seek out not only the homes in your price range but other fantastic deals that may be short sales,

FSBO’s, foreclosures and other options that can allow the purchase of a home for less than what it is worth. This is one thing that investors are very up front about when looking for homes and properties. They need to know what their monthly cash output in going to be so they can do a cost-analysis of the property and its earning potential. With the market the way it has been of late, this is one of the best times we have ever seen for people to get into a home for less than they might expect. Your realtor is an expert at finding great real estate deals in their given area.

Why not utilize this expertise to find your the best deal going? By: Joshua Keen About the Author: Joshua Keen is a real estate agent located in Atlanta, Georgia. The Keen Team specializes in the sale and purchase of Intown Atlanta real estate. When looking for Atlanta MLS Listings, contact Ben and Joshua for the best Atlanta realty services! Caffeinated Content

A Base-up Triangle face has a wider top third and a narrow bottom third. To best adjust the scope of your face, chose a lighter color frame or possibly a rimless frame as these will draw less attention to the top third of your face. A square face shape has a strong jaw line and a broad forehead while the width and length are generally in the same proportions. To make your face look longer, try narrow frames that have more width than depth. Diamond shape face structures are narrow at the jaw line and eye line while the cheekbones are generally wider. Even though this is the rarest face shape, you can still find eyeglasses to compliment it by choosing a frame that have detailed brow-lines or are rimless and possibly cat-eye shaped.

The oblong face shape is commonly longer than it is wide and has a long straight cheek line. To make the face seem shorter and more balanced, try a frame that has top-to-bottom depth so it will add depth to the face structure. Colors of your skin, hair and eyes will effect your decision Skin tone is a primary factor in determining the right eyeglass color. All tones fall into two different color bases – blue (cool) or yellow (warm). A cool complexion has blue or pink traces while a warm complexion has a “peaches and cream” or yellow shine. Eye color is usually a second rate reason in choosing your eyeglasses due to the wide range of eye colors.

For example, blue eyes can range from a cool almost violet color all the way to a pale-blue, which is a warm color. Brown eyes can range from a light shade which is cool, all the way to a dark almost black warm color. Hair colors are also considered either cool or warm. Strawberry Blond, white, salt-and-pepper gray, and light brown are all cool colors. Golden blond, flat black, brown-gold, red and “dirty” gray are all considered warm colors. Once you have determined if you are a cool or warm color, you will then be able to find the eyeglasses that will best suit your needs. Some examples of frame colors for cool coloring are black, dark brown, blue-gray, plum, magenta, blue and a dark turquoise.

Warm coloring will be best fit to wear frames with the following colors: gold, copper, peach, light tan, orange, coral, bright red, off-white, warm blue and light turquoise. Final decision when choosing your eyeglasses.At the end of the day, you must be completely happy with your choice in eyeglasses because you will be the only one wearing them every day and you will need to be content with your choice so that you will want to wear your eyeglasses daily and in turn will keep your eyesight the same or better in the long run.

This is a guideline to help you choose the best frame to suit your shape and coloring, but you ultimately will be the one making the deciding vote. We do recommend that you follow this format when choosing your eyeglasses as well as do the Vision Council of America (VCA). Remembering to choose the right eyeglass frames based upon your face shape and your warm or cool coloring will ensure that you are selecting the correct eyeglasses. By: Dan Brown About the Author: Dan is the owner of – An easy to use search directory for contact lenses Caffeinated Content

When looking for the perfect pair of eyeglasses, there is one main factor you should look for; how well they will look on your face. When you are looking for the right pair of eyeglasses, most people will normally try on every pair possible in order to judge which is best for them, but what if you could narrow down your search before you even step foot in the eyeglass store? Now you can. Simply determine your face shape and coloring and you will be able to establish which shape and eyeglass color will fit you best. Choosing the correct eyeglass frame for your face shape can be as simple as following the three keys that the Vision Council of America (VCA) has set forth in their Envision Yourself Program. These three keys are as follows:

The frame shape should contrast well with the face shape, the frame size should be in scale with the face size and eyewear should repeat your personal best feature (such as a light color frame to match blonde hair). There are seven basic face shapes according to the VCA and when you can fully understand which shape your face falls under, you will be one step closer to determining your perfect pair of eyeglasses.

The seven face shapes are: base-down triangle, base-up triangle, diamond, round, square, oval and oblong. Also, a good optician can help you when choosing the perfect pair of eyeglasses by following these guidelines. Overview of Face Shapes and Eyeglass Frames As stated above, there are seven basic face shapes and you should always be aware of which face shape you have in order to determine which eyeglasses will suit you best. Making sure that you determine which face shape you have and that you choose an eyeglass frame to fit your shape, you will want to follow the subsequent guidelines.

A round face has curved lines and the width and length are in the same proportions with no angles. For choosing the correct eyeglasses for a round face, you should try angular narrow eyeglass frames to lengthen the shape of your face and look for a set of eyeglasses that has a wider structure than long, such as a rectangular shape. An oval face is believed to be the perfect face shape due to its equal proportions. To keep your faces physical balance, look for a set of eyeglasses that are as wide as the broadest part of the face. Base-down Triangle face shapes are narrow at the forehead and widen around the cheek and chin. To best proportion the top half of the face, choose an eyeglass that is wider in shape.

If you look through my posts, you’ll see how much I adore Rose Elixir as a tasty, versatile preparation. I use it for blending tinctures to add an exotic flavor and sweetness, as a heart-centered remedy for anxiety, sleep, broken hearts and circulation, spiced and combined with aphrodisiac herbs, and as a burn remedy. Instead of straining my last batch of elixir after 8 weeks like I normally do, I kept it intact because I use the petals directly on burns as bandages. These rose petal bandages are so so so useful; I can’t image living without them.

It turns out that I burn myself often. My herb nook has taken up all free space in out tiny kitchen and has long since relegated the toaster oven to the storage unit. I toast things directly on the oven racks and repeatedly stick my bare hands in and if I’m not careful, I get a burn on the top of my right arm of where I brushed the rack above. Yes, I have many a burn on that arm, same size, shape and location. Rose petal bandages have been used on most of them, and I can tell you that when I use them, the pain is significantly reduced and the healing heightened.

I ran out of my last bottle of strained Rose Elixir for tincture blending and it became obvious that I needed to strain my batch after all. As a compromise, I saved a small jars’ worth of petals preserved in the elixir as my bandage cache, and I am so glad I did because, guess what, I burned myself not long after. To use the Rose petals as bandages, fish out a petal with a utensil, tear or cut to a shape suited for the burn and adhering to the contour of the affected area if not already perfect, and place on clean, dry skin right over the burn. Leave it on as long as you can; I’ve left it on for hours. If Rose elixir runs, wipe it off with a wet towel or you’ll create an even more sticky mess.

Yes, this is a sticky remedy. Rose elixir is half alcohol and half honey or glycerine, after all. Glycerine is less sticky but also less effective for burns (although it makes a fine vegan-friendly elixir). After the bandage has been on for about 30 mins, it starts to dry and adhere to the skin quite nicely. Be careful not to bump the bandage or get it stuck on clothes and things. If I have had a Rose petal bandage on for many hours and it has dried perfectly, then I will go to bed with it. But if it is at all sticky, cover it with a piece of gauze and a regular bandage to keep it on and protect your bedding from being a sticky mess.

For kids, or for large or awkward areas, I would always cover the Rose petal bandage with another bandage. I’ve had this batch of petals for over a year and they still do the trick. This is definitely going into the traveling first aid kit! I’d like to get more small jars for keeping the petals and share with family and friends, because I have need seen anything work so wonderfully for burns. The application of one Rose petal take the burn out immediately and for as long as it’s on there I feel relief. I’ve seen the residual burn feeling completely disappear after 4-6 hours of using one petal, even one hour for minor burns, although I often keep it on longer because it helps heal the skin.

Honey in and of itself is a great burn remedy because it locks out air from reacting with the burn, kind of smothering it. Plus, honey is antiseptic, skin and wound healing. Rose is a cooling remedy and also anti-inflammatory and skin soothing. Normally I wouldn’t put alcohol on burns even, but this is a Rose-infused, honey-laden alcohol and adds to the aseptic qualities of the elixir. All around, a great combination. The Rose petal itself doesn’t irritate the burn area like normal plastic bandage. It creates an air-tight, medicated seal. The petal dries transparent or opaque-pink; you can hardly see it.