One of the greatest entertainments of all time is music and cinema. Both these forms of entertainment have become a craze over the world, as can be seen through entertainment info and different entertainment reviews. Various styles of music that has been evolving over the last few decades, from pop, rock, and rap. From the craze of “Beatlemania” when the Beatles were seen as the most celebrated music bands of all time, people have always been looking forward to live music concerts. Over the last few decades, live concerts have become a trend. Whether it is a star like Taylor Swift or a band, people across the world look forward to live concerts.

As far as Hollywood is concerned, there is nothing to beat the class of movies produced at Hollywood. Year after year, Hollywood spins out movies of different genres; they could be thrillers, romantic comedies, or an action-packed one. Hollywood has also undergone enormous changes from “Gone with the Wind,” to “The Sound of Music,” to “The Fugitive” and Home Alone, to movies like Fast and the Furious, or Final Destination which have several sequences. Audiences love these movies across the globe, and people don’t mind watching movies like Rush Hour or Home Alone over and over again.

Music Festivals Across The Globe

Several countries around the world which were completely closed to the idea of entertainment regarding movies or music are now opening their doors to the world of cinema and music. For instance, a country like Saudi Arabia allowed movie theatres to open for the first time after quite a while. Countries are also recognizing the screening of new movies and people always look forward to this as an opening to a whole new world, where art and entertainment collide.

Movies And Music Festivals

As far as the music industry is concerned, we are aware of various music festivals that take place in different countries at different points in time. In the UK for instance, music festivals include the Bestival which is conducted in Dorset and is meant for children, the Glastonbury festival at Somerset, the Green Man festival at Wales, Field Day festival at London, and Lattitude at Suffolk. Other music festivals in Europe include the Exit festival at Serbia, Meadows in the Mountains festival at Bulgaria, Dimensions at Croatia among others.

There are several music festivals in the US and Canada which include the Burning Man at Nevada, Governors Ball at New York, FYF Fest in Los Angeles. Music festivals in Asia include Fuji Rock festival in Japan, Magnetic Fields in Rajasthan, among several others. Australia features the Golden Plains music festival at Victoria. Music festivals are also conducted in Mexico, Africa, and other places. Every music festival is meant keeping a particular kind of crowd in mind. There are different tastes and preferences, some people like new age music, while others may like rock or pop, and still, others may like retro or heavy metal. The best thing about these music festivals is that they bring several people together, and at the end of it everybody has had a good time with their favourite kind of music.

Birdman, the best movie of 2014, scooped up 4 Oscars in this year’s Academy Awards. The well rated movie won the Best Picture Award, Best Cinematography and Original Screenplay. Alejandro González Iñárritu, the director, co-producer and screenplay co-writer also won the Best Director award for the movie. The movie had 9 unprecedented nominations. Alejandro’s input for the success of the movie was immense.

IMDb rated the movie 7.9 out of 10, Rotten Tomatoes 93%, Roger Erbert 4 out of 4 and Metacritic 88%. The movie also won other awards including the Outstanding Cast in a Motion Picture at the 21st Screen Actors Guild Awards. It also won the Best Screenplay, and Michael Keaton won the Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy Award for his role as leading actor of the movie at the 72nd Golden Globe Awards.

It took 2 years for the writers to complete the script and the movie was meticulously and painstakingly shot. The camera work depicts most of the film as one continuous take. Alejandro’s idea for doing this was to immerse the protagonist in an unavoidable reality, while at the same time pulling viewers along with him. Experts who heard of this clearly said the idea was suicidal. It was a step with two feet in unknown waters. However, Alejandro was able to execute it successfully. The movie is 119 minutes long and in English.

The sound quality, musical backing and visual effects are good. The plot is excellent and reflects on the realities of life. It is about a drowned Hollywood actor, Riggan Thomson (Keaton), who wants to pick himself up by writing, directing and starring in a new movie by Broadway. Riggan is picked for the leading role. He has a difficult start especially in the previews. Along the line he chanced upon his daughter, Samantha (Emma Stone), a recovering addict, using marijuana. He criticises her but she revolts with some harsh remarks.

The situation becomes worse when Riggan also finds out that his daughter is flirting with Mike Shiner (Edward Norton), the brilliant but volatile method actor he brought in to replace Ralph (Jeremy Shamos). Videos of Riggan in his underwear walking through Times Square go viral and it tears him apart. He had accidentally locked himself out of the theatre and the only way he could get inside was to walk out there.

The influential critic, Tabitha Dickinson (Lindsay Duncan), also tells Riggan she will give a bad review of his play once it comes out. He cannot contain it and drinks himself to stupor, passing out on the street.

On the opening night of the movie, in a role in which Riggan’s character is supposed to commit suicide, he shoots himself on stage in the head with a real pistol instead of a fake one. He is rushed to the hospital as the audience give him a standing ovation. It is later revealed that he just messed up his suicide by blowing off his nose. Even his worst critic Dickinson is impressed by his performance.

Birdman really deserves all the awards it won for the year. It is a good movie that teaches true lessons.