Technology And Fashion: A Futuristic Vision

Technology is ubiquitous. It has become omnipresent and almost, nearly omnipotent, infusing itself into all the integral aspects of everyday life. And the fashion world is no exception to this. The world of fashion thrives on innovation, change, and keeping up with the current trends. From the humble sewing machine to the latest temperature-changing fabrics, technology is transforming fashion at a tremendous pace.

Designers are coming up with the most futuristic ideas that are mind-boggling, especially now, with the assistance of cobots.

Yeast cells are undergoing bioengineering changes to enable them to be stitched as suits. How crazy is that! Partnering with Google, Levis Strauss &Co came up with the “smart jacket.” A fantastic piece of invention, this jacket is designed to vibrate when the wearer receives a phone call. And this smart clothing is available for sale on the internet!

Artificial Intelligence: The Next Big Name In Fashion

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that AI is silently playing a considerable role in the fashion industry. Why not? AI is already making its mark in other avenues, so why not fashion? Fashion brands are leaving no stone unturned. With consumerism and brand-conscious clientele on the rise, technology is making it easier to study, analyze, and understand customer needs. So, what is it that AI does? It promotes the sales of fashion goods and optimizes shoppers’ experience through intelligent automation.

3D Illustration Of Fashion Outlet Design - Fashion & Technology Concept.

E-commerce giants Amazon is using AI to recognize and create style preferences. Deep Vogue, the AI “Designer” developed by the Chinese tech firm Shenlan Technology, uses “deep Learning” to create designs by analyzing keywords, images, and themes.

At the forefront of fashion innovation with AI is Stitch Fix. A popular online styling service, Stitch Fix has vast volumes of customer data that is used in its AI-driven “Hybrid Design” garments. The company employs an army of scientists to create algorithms based on consumer’s favorite colors, patterns, and textiles.

As AI enables smarter assistance programs, a large number of leading brands are cashing in on its supremely advanced services. Tommy Hilfiger’s allies, IBM and the Fashion Institute of Technology have come up with Reimagine Retail. It is an AI-powered tool that decodes the latest fashion trends and identifies popular themes, colors, patterns, and silhouettes.

Check Out – Role of artificial intelligence, technology and automation in the fashion industry.

AI has also vastly improved the manufacturing process in the textile industry. Taking the process a notch further, AI helps spot defects, harmonizes colors, and streamlines the entire process of quality assurance. Keeping a watchful eye on counterfeit fashion products, Artificial Intelligence is yet to unleash its potent magic in the fashion industry.

Robots In The Manufacturing Unit

A labor-intensive industry like fashion, application of robotic automation is proving to be beneficial in more ways than one. Gaining immense popularity in recent times, automation of the apparel industry has reduced labor costs, labor time, and improved quality, safety, efficiency, and productivity. Undergoing massive technical changes, the fashion industry is relying heavily on robots, 3D technology, and software automation. Collaborative Robots or Cobots are deployed to manufacturing floors to cut, sew, and detect defects on a large scale.

An Image Showing The Example of Retail Visual Merchandising

Equipped with high-range cameras and sensors, these Sewbots are extremely precise, with multi-dimensional sewing capabilities. Despite their cost and need for consistent maintenance, robotic automation in the sewing units is capable of mass production within a limited time frame.

Redefining Retail And Virtual Merchandise

We are living in a time and age where virtual merchandising is taking over the world, and retailers are thinking hard about investing in this highly competitive arena. Not to be outdone, retailers are investing heavily in virtual reality technology to give customers the same experience as shopping in their flagship stores.

Redefining the online shopping experience, Virtual Reality or VR is used to produce 3D images of the products and interactive pop-up catalogs. Top brands like Victoria’s Secret and Tommy Hilfiger are already streaming Virtual Reality fashion shows. Used widely in creating 3D products, Augmented reality or AR is being creatively used by big names in fashion. Maggy London is using Apple’s ARKit to create an AR catalog. TopShop is using AR mirrors that enable customers to try out new clothes without having to go through the hassle of physically undressing.

Technology has touched almost every single aspect of the fashion industry. Its sustainability and further success are looking promising and beneficial for the fashion sector.

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If you look through my posts, you’ll see how much I adore Rose Elixir as a tasty, versatile preparation. I use it for blending tinctures to add an exotic flavor and sweetness, as a heart-centered remedy for anxiety, sleep, broken hearts and circulation, spiced and combined with aphrodisiac herbs, and as a burn remedy. Instead of straining my last batch of elixir after 8 weeks like I normally do, I kept it intact because I use the petals directly on burns as bandages. These rose petal bandages are so so so useful; I can’t image living without them.

It turns out that I burn myself often. My herb nook has taken up all free space in out tiny kitchen and has long since relegated the toaster oven to the storage unit. I toast things directly on the oven racks and repeatedly stick my bare hands in and if I’m not careful, I get a burn on the top of my right arm of where I brushed the rack above. Yes, I have many a burn on that arm, same size, shape and location. Rose petal bandages have been used on most of them, and I can tell you that when I use them, the pain is significantly reduced and the healing heightened.

I ran out of my last bottle of strained Rose Elixir for tincture blending and it became obvious that I needed to strain my batch after all. As a compromise, I saved a small jars’ worth of petals preserved in the elixir as my bandage cache, and I am so glad I did because, guess what, I burned myself not long after. To use the Rose petals as bandages, fish out a petal with a utensil, tear or cut to a shape suited for the burn and adhering to the contour of the affected area if not already perfect, and place on clean, dry skin right over the burn. Leave it on as long as you can; I’ve left it on for hours. If Rose elixir runs, wipe it off with a wet towel or you’ll create an even more sticky mess.

Yes, this is a sticky remedy. Rose elixir is half alcohol and half honey or glycerine, after all. Glycerine is less sticky but also less effective for burns (although it makes a fine vegan-friendly elixir). After the bandage has been on for about 30 mins, it starts to dry and adhere to the skin quite nicely. Be careful not to bump the bandage or get it stuck on clothes and things. If I have had a Rose petal bandage on for many hours and it has dried perfectly, then I will go to bed with it. But if it is at all sticky, cover it with a piece of gauze and a regular bandage to keep it on and protect your bedding from being a sticky mess.

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Honey in and of itself is a great burn remedy because it locks out air from reacting with the burn, kind of smothering it. Plus, honey is antiseptic, skin and wound healing. Rose is a cooling remedy and also anti-inflammatory and skin soothing. Normally I wouldn’t put alcohol on burns even, but this is a Rose-infused, honey-laden alcohol and adds to the aseptic qualities of the elixir. All around, a great combination. The Rose petal itself doesn’t irritate the burn area like normal plastic bandage. It creates an air-tight, medicated seal. The petal dries transparent or opaque-pink; you can hardly see it.

Birdman, the best movie of 2014, scooped up 4 Oscars in this year’s Academy Awards. The well rated movie won the Best Picture Award, Best Cinematography and Original Screenplay. Alejandro González Iñárritu, the director, co-producer and screenplay co-writer also won the Best Director award for the movie. The movie had 9 unprecedented nominations. Alejandro’s input for the success of the movie was immense.

IMDb rated the movie 7.9 out of 10, Rotten Tomatoes 93%, Roger Erbert 4 out of 4 and Metacritic 88%. The movie also won other awards including the Outstanding Cast in a Motion Picture at the 21st Screen Actors Guild Awards. It also won the Best Screenplay, and Michael Keaton won the Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy Award for his role as leading actor of the movie at the 72nd Golden Globe Awards.

It took 2 years for the writers to complete the script and the movie was meticulously and painstakingly shot. The camera work depicts most of the film as one continuous take. Alejandro’s idea for doing this was to immerse the protagonist in an unavoidable reality, while at the same time pulling viewers along with him. Experts who heard of this clearly said the idea was suicidal. It was a step with two feet in unknown waters. However, Alejandro was able to execute it successfully. The movie is 119 minutes long and in English.

The sound quality, musical backing and visual effects are good. The plot is excellent and reflects on the realities of life. It is about a drowned Hollywood actor, Riggan Thomson (Keaton), who wants to pick himself up by writing, directing and starring in a new movie by Broadway. Riggan is picked for the leading role. He has a difficult start especially in the previews. Along the line he chanced upon his daughter, Samantha (Emma Stone), a recovering addict, using marijuana. He criticises her but she revolts with some harsh remarks.

The situation becomes worse when Riggan also finds out that his daughter is flirting with Mike Shiner (Edward Norton), the brilliant but volatile method actor he brought in to replace Ralph (Jeremy Shamos). Videos of Riggan in his underwear walking through Times Square go viral and it tears him apart. He had accidentally locked himself out of the theatre and the only way he could get inside was to walk out there.

The influential critic, Tabitha Dickinson (Lindsay Duncan), also tells Riggan she will give a bad review of his play once it comes out. He cannot contain it and drinks himself to stupor, passing out on the street.

On the opening night of the movie, in a role in which Riggan’s character is supposed to commit suicide, he shoots himself on stage in the head with a real pistol instead of a fake one. He is rushed to the hospital as the audience give him a standing ovation. It is later revealed that he just messed up his suicide by blowing off his nose. Even his worst critic Dickinson is impressed by his performance.

Birdman really deserves all the awards it won for the year. It is a good movie that teaches true lessons.