According to informed sources, contemporary art has become an entertainment star, following investments in real estate, stocks, catering entertainment industry after another investment. Wang Gang play like porcelain, Zhang Tielin possession of precious books, Lin Yi Lun, received the painting … … This is a very well known. The Phoenix TV host Chen Lu Yu is also a well-known art collectors, “she told modern calligraphy and painting, oil painting, including objects are more like it, looking to take fairly broad.” Allegedly a lot of stars and artists themselves good friends, so their collective journey into the art auction field is not a strange things. And even the domestic industry giants Beijing Poly Auction person in charge had openly told the media that the “stars to spend hundreds of thousands of pictures of a 100-point of art is not hard.” Name: Feng Xiaogang Collection: Oil Painting In the just-concluded 2009 autumn auction of works of art, Paul Lee beat the market not only the creation of two “billion astronomical” record, but also attracted a lot of stellar names involved approach raised placards, one of the most striking is the big-time director Feng Xiaogang . Pre-show party when the Baoli is especially so in person, accompanied by Zhao Feng Dao inspection, big on big, quite an enjoyable talk. A formal auction, Feng Xiaogang sitting in the front row, seriously look at the catalog, taking notes.

Ultimately, Feng Dao has spent several million dollars bought Yang Feiyun works. 2009 autumn auction in Shanghai in an absolute star, “legal person shares,” King Liu Yiqian wife, almost no one I do not know. In fact, the same group of buyers in Beijing can not be ignored, in which the purchasing power of their biggest names in film and television stars can not be underestimated. Name: Wang Gang Collection: cage, porcelain, antiques Wang Gang, who contented to say that he is the best host of collectors, the host where the best collectors. Wang Gang of antiques collection can be both a hobby, but also take into account investment, so for him, visiting the Beijing Panjiayuan stall and go to antique shops are not contradictory. Can bargain with the stall, regardless of equal status for their own interests to spend money, even if paid a fee not feel loss. Collection cage from the very beginning, to today’s largest porcelain collection. Wang Gang said the collection is the most beautiful thing under the sun, “Every day you playing, and enjoyed the same time, it can also hedge against inflation and the appreciation of an inattentive even make you a fortune.”

Name: Wang Jun Collection: painting, sculpture Wang Jun, the most well known is that the veterans Huayi Brothers, while his own favorite title is “businessman + artist”, painting, sculpture and antiques are Wang Jun favorite collections. Collection of his paintings focused on Ai Xuan, Yang Fei-yun, Wang Yidong, Yuan Zhengyang such contemporary masters, the Chinese painting market leader in the body. Wang Jun began to collect from the painting up to now these 10 years, oil prices jump up much faster, such as Fei-Yun’s paintings, 2 million yuan, 40,000 yuan, 60,000 yuan to buy, but the five or six years between the work, the price on the difference of more than 100 times. As for the sculpture collection, a number of years ago, the Chinese sculptor’s works relatively low price, so when Wang Jun for the first time to Beijing to see his sculpture studio, and it would buy 20 to 30 pieces of artworks , the average price was 1 million. The last two years, the Beijing works were not a few hundred thousand dollars is a Nabu Xilai. This can be estimated by Wang Zhong-Jun of the return on investment. An informed source revealed that Wang Jun from home to office is like a European antique shops, everywhere from France, Britain and other countries of antiques.

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